Find out how brands save money with Amazon Bulk Services

Announcement reposted from Amazon:

Amazon Business will host two webinars on Amazon Bulk Services on August 22 and August 23 at 11 am PDT.

Amazon Bulk Services is a program designed to help you increase sales of case packs, which saves you 15-25% on eligible referral fees.

In these webinars, you’ll learn how to:

  • Link units, case packs, and pallets to create a connected listing, to improve search visibility and detail page experience.
  • Manage bulk fulfillment to prevent issues such as pallets getting delivered as multiple packages.
  • Easily manage inventory and pricing for multiple product configurations, such as unit, case pack, and pallet.
  • Receive a 15-25% discount on referral fees for eligible case packs and pallets.

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Really, they cannot be serious with that one.

1 item returned used and damaged or “not delivered”
Now, a case of 24 that has been opened/used/damaged/even though tracking confirms delivery it did not arrive, that order is no longer of value and is 24 times the loss. Not to mention the increase fees and shipping.
Pretty sure some will bite on it, seems like a good program until you add in the “amazon factor”.

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I agree with you. Selling of bulky multipacks on Amazon makes no sense, in the same way how it doesn’t make sense to sell pre-packaged sets of accessories. I am selling a boxed set of jewelry which includes 8 pieces of rings/necklaces and a bracelet. Everytime someone returns it, there are several pieces missing, making it unsellable.

Bulky items will make it even easier for buyers to keep free items out of large sets.

At the same time, Amazon doesn’t accept invoices in cases of authenticity issues where the unit count doesn’t match the listing. And I am getting contacted by so many sellers who had their invoices containing single unit counts rejected for multi-pack ASINs.

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It would not be too bad of a loss if you have enough sales to wash out the loss. Not sure if any individual 3P seller would sell enough to get to the point where the losses are washed out.