Find lower FBA rates with updated FBA Enrollment Opportunities tool

Announcement reposted from Amazon United States:

We’ve updated the FBA Enrollment Opportunities tool to help you decide which products to enroll in FBA and better understand your fulfillment costs.

You can now use the FBA Enrollment Opportunities tool to identify products priced below $10 that are eligible for Low-price FBA fees, and compare with standard FBA fulfillment fees.

The Revenue Calculator, which is now integrated into the FBA Enrollment Opportunities tool, helps you to:

  • Calculate net margin, net proceeds, and total costs.
  • Compare your current fulfillment costs with FBA costs.
  • Calculate costs for inbound placement options based on the region.
  • Calculate additional FBA services such as labeling and packaging.
  • Forecast holiday season and non-holiday season fulfillment costs for long-term planning.

To use these new features, go to FBA Enrollment Opportunities.