Feature request: Select Amazon Payments Currency

With the increasing number of borderless and multi-currency accounts available, it now doesn’t make much sense to only pay in the currency of the country where the bank account is held. Particularly for those of us in the UK who sell on European portals, we want to receive Euros to a EUR account held in the UK (e.g. Revolut) not GBP.
Please add a dropdown of currencies for each payment account/portal, defaulting to the currency of the country if you like, but better to default to the country of the portal as each is set up.

I can’t actually believe that this isn’t already available.

That’s a great idea! You may also consider researching and exploring alternative banking or payment solutions that offer multi-currency accounts and the ability to receive payments in different currencies, such as TransferWise, Revolut, or other similar providers. These platforms often provide additional flexibility and convenience for cross-border transactions.

Remember to carefully review the terms, fees, and features of any financial service provider before deciding to open an account or use their services, as each provider may have its own advantages and limitations.