FDA certificate for generic product from Alibaba

How do I I acquire FDA certification for a product to sell on Amazon but the manufacturer doesn’t have it because they’re in China and multiple people sell the same product on Amazon .

Thank you 

Move to China.

Amazon has set of rules for Sellers in China and sellers in other countries.
Your comments imply that those selling it are in China and no documentation exists, that does not seem right.

Bottom line is this, if you cannot sell it contact the FDA (assumes you are in USA) with all the information and let them know what is going on. If they are from China and shipping into USA or any other country the laws of the respective country it is delivered too are in force.



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If your manufacturer in China doesn’t have FDA certification for your product, you can work with a third-party testing facility to help you get the necessary certifications. They’ll assess your product and ensure it meets FDA requirements. This way, you can sell your product on Amazon and provide a safe option for customers.

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