FBM listing not available

I think I’ve finally managed to get set up as a seller and I’ve listed my first item. When I view the item on Amazon from my inventory management page, it shows up but says it’s unavailable. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

I could certainly use some guidance, if there’s anyone willing to teach a newbie….?

If your item is showing as unavailable on Amazon, it could be due to a few reasons. First, double-check that you’ve properly set the availability status for your item in your inventory management page. Also, make sure you’ve entered the correct quantity and that you’ve properly configured your shipping settings.


I think it’s right

if you do a search for my product, do you see it as available to buy?


the ASIN BOCCZNS5GZ appears to be search suppressed. I cannot find it either. You need to use the Amazon Seller Central browser version because the phone app is glitchy and unreliable.

I can see from your picture that you don’t a have a white background image, which explains why the listing is suppressed. You will need to improve the images by removing background and making it pure white.

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