FBA, worth it for small companies? (handmade products)

Hi, I am a seller on Amazon handmade, but I am wondering if it would be easy for me to switch to FBA.
I sell handmade soap. Has anyone maybe any advice, pro and cons. Also, how can you actually sign up for it.
Thank you for any comments.

You can be very successful on the FBA platform. The Revenue Calculator will allow you to see real-time cost comparisons between different fulfillment methods.

Amazon is not allowing me to paste the link. You can enter revenue calculator when searching articles under help.

Help > Support tools > Articles


If you are selling handmade products, then I would advise you to stay FBM. You will be getting customer returns and typically, on Etsy you can make all purchases final.

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Thank you both :slightly_smiling_face:

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