FBA warehouse location settings

Hi, is there a way you can get Amazon to only ship to one destination in the USA instead of automatically picking many different warehouses when sending inventory ?

Preferably on the west coast!

Just reduce the number if items you are shipping until it only has it going to one warehouse. Then once you know that number just wait an hour or so and enter another shipment.



instead of automatically picking many different warehouses when sending inventory ?

You can sign up for the FBA Inventory Placement Service and send all of your eligible inventory to a single receive center or fulfillment center.

When you use the Inventory Placement Service, the destination receive center or fulfillment center is determined by Amazon. You cannot choose the receive center or fulfillment center to which you send your shipment.


Amazon Fulfillment Centers are strategically located across the United States. While you can specify a specific warehouse for your inventory, Amazon’s fulfillment network is designed to distribute inventory to multiple centers for faster shipping. To limit your inventory to one location on the West Coast, you’d need to use Amazon’s Inventory Placement Service (IPS), which may incur additional fees.


That is a pretty nice feature, they did not have that back when we did FBA.


They did. They wrote it for me. I have the contract, and I was the beta tester. Why? Because they were having me ship 2 of the same ASIN’s to two different Fulfillment centers.

In the beginning I was working with the developers, and had a number of features added that we use every day. That was in the “good old days.”

More recently I was invited to use the Preferred Placement Service. That’s where you pick your own warehouses. One for standard sized inventory, and one for oversized units. That was in beta mode. I don’t know if they ever released it.


Thank you. Just tried that and it charges you extra fees doesn’t it. But I see what you mean with regards to the FBA center being determined by Amazon. I may try to send fewer units to see if they let me send everything into just one warehouse.


Yes, it does.

But, you need to weigh that with against the amount you’d save by only preparing and shipping to one location.


Oh, okay. Thank you so much

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You’re welcome.

Best wishes…