FBA vs FBM pros and cons

Hi all,

I have my listings under FBA currently but I’m interested in doing FBM as well. Is anyone currently doing this and can you share your experience, pros/cons?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Advantages of FBA:

  1. Can improve ranking.

  2. Fast delivery.

  3. Have professional customer service.

  4. Negative reviews caused by logistics can be deleted.

Disadvantages of FBA:

  1. The shipping cost is higher.

  2. The entry requirements are relatively high.

  3. Storage fees are required.

  4. Poor flexibility.

Advantages of FBM:

  1. No inventory pressure

  2. There are many delivery channels to choose from, which can save shipping costs.

Disadvantages of FBM:

  1. The missing business of Amazon Prime members

It’s a nice way to sell some higher priced slow sellers. Less fees. Going to the post office for each order sucks though.