FBA stuck at delivered stage

My stock has been stuck on the delivered stage for nearly 3 weeks now. It isn’t showing up as in stock just inbound. Amazon wont do anything until its has moved to the check in stage. Has anyone else had any issues with their FBA stock being stuck?.


Amazon definition of Delivered:

  • Delivered: Amazon has received information from the carrier that your shipment is ready for delivery, or that it was delivered to the fulfillment center facility yard but that the fulfillment center has not yet checked it in.

What does the carrier tracking information say?



I am sorry if my question sounded confusing. The carrier status shows delivery, however at Amazon, it just says ‘Shipped’ with no further updates or information.

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@Trippy thank you for your clarification.

I had heard that receiving at the fulfillment centers is backed up right now. It might have something to do with sellers trying to get their summer inventory in.

If your shipment doesn’t move to checked in within the next several days, I’d recommend that you open a case with Seller Support. They will probably give you a “boiler plate” response, but at least you can get the conversation started.

Keep us posted.


Thank you for your response, I will let you know once anything changes :slight_smile:


@Trippy You’re welcome. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

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