FBA Shipment creation automation

Hello Everyone,

I am an active Amazon seller, and I’m currently facing a significant operational challenge. In each shipment, I deal with approximately 200+ different ASINs, which can be quite complex and time-consuming to manage without the right tool.

Currently, I have to manually tick every item on Seller Central, input the quantity for each, and then print labels. This process is incredibly tedious and I’m certain there has to be a more efficient way to manage it.

What I ideally need is a solution that allows me to simply scan the UPC/EAN codes of all inventory and then print the stickers. I’ve heard about software like InventoryLab that streamlines these processes but unfortunately, it’s not available in Europe.

Does anyone know of any apps or software available in Europe that could help automate these tasks? Specifically, I’m looking for a tool that will streamline the process of shipment creation, FNSKU labeling, and UPC/EAN scanning.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, and I would value any recommendations. I’m particularly interested in hearing about your personal experiences and any resources that could assist me in improving my operational efficiency.

Thank you in advance for your help!

One option you can consider is the “ScanLister” software. It allows you to scan UPC/EAN codes of your inventory and automatically creates shipment listings on Seller Central. This tool streamlines the process of shipment creation, labeling with FNSKU, and even printing the necessary stickers. ScanLister is compatible with Amazon Europe, making it a suitable choice for your needs.

Another alternative worth exploring is “Selro.” It is a comprehensive multichannel selling platform that offers inventory management, order processing, and shipping automation features. Selro integrates with Amazon and provides barcode scanning functionality, allowing you to easily manage your ASINs and streamline the shipping process. While Selro offers broader functionality beyond just shipment creation and labeling, it might be a valuable solution for enhancing your overall selling operations.

Additionally, you may want to explore “Veeqo,” a cloud-based inventory and order management software. Veeqo integrates with Amazon and provides barcode scanning capabilities to simplify inventory management. It offers features such as automatic stock level updates, batch printing of shipping labels, and streamlined order fulfillment. While Veeqo is not specifically designed for shipment creation and labeling, it can help optimize your overall selling operations and improve efficiency.

Before choosing any software solution, I recommend reviewing their features, pricing plans, and customer reviews to determine the best fit for your specific requirements. It’s also beneficial to take advantage of free trials or demos to evaluate the usability and effectiveness of the tools.


Thank you for the detailed reply @Kika !

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