FBA listing unavailable for repelnishment


I’ve been selling branded stuff and I’ve got to replenish the stock and now Amazon are telling me I can’t sell it anymore even though they are the exact same products I’ve been selling before.

Can anyone tell me why, or has this happened to anyone?

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They gated you or you had returns.

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They have gated me. But I’ve already sold these exact products which I was obviously I hated for before.

Even though you were previously un-gated Amazon can re-gate you at anytime for no reason at all. You will either have to try and auto un-gate or get un-gated the traditional way with an invoice showing at least 10 items.


Yes, for newbies amazon always restricts specific brands and specific asins, and it’s becoming gated, meaning ungating needs to be done. That’s very well known activity by Amazon for new accounts when starting…

P.S each new amazon selling account got slightly different restrictions, depending on area and random other metrics…

Hope that helps


The brand may have changed their policy on selling their products on Amazon. Some brands are becoming more restrictive about who can sell their products on Amazon, and they may have asked Amazon to remove certain sellers from their listings.

You may not have the required authorization to sell the products. Some brands require sellers to have a letter of authorization or other documentation before they can sell their products on Amazon.

There could be other listing violations, check your Account Health Dashboard.


Thank you all, much appreciated