FBA inventory reports

Hi everyone!

Can anyone guide me on how to get an inventory report on how much stock I have in stock and how much I sold from seller central?

Thank you

Hamburger Menu : Reports : Fulfilment By Amazon


Inventory : Manage FBA Inventory


Sales : and Amazon Fulfilled Shipments

There are plenty more reports so as you haven’t looked at this page before, worth checking out what else is helpful to you. Most of what you may want is there. After all, Amazon is all about data, but sometimes it might take a few reports and a lot of spreadsheet work to get to exactly what you want.

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in Seller Central, go to the Reports tab and select “Inventory” report to see how much stock you have. Then, check the “Sales” report to see how much you’ve sold.

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Simply Click on the SKU in Manage inventory. You can have an overview of sales, inventory, comparisons and you can also calculate profitability there.

Or go to manu and select report. Choose inventory report in report type and download it.

You can also see your stock from your listing. Go to the manage inventory section. You can see number of units here .

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