FBA in Europe

In the past ( before brexit) we used FBA UK - and when items were shipped into UK fulfilment centre they would at the same time be visible on all the other international European platforms as FBA ( .fr .de .es .it)

Now after brexit - if i would send items into one of the European Fulfilment centres - would it show my items as available on all European international markets too?

Or would i need to split the stock and send it to each of the European marketplace separately ?

any suggestions/comments or links where i could read about it would be very much welcomed

Yes that does work but you will be responsible for filing VAT in the EU as you are warehousing in the EU. You’ll also need a responsible person for Customs based in the EU. All doable using 3rd parties but can be expensive unless you have high sales / turnover. Amazon has a number of videos about this for info. You can also just ship into UK FBA and then allow Amazon to sell in the EU on your behalf. This is easier as Amazon is responsible for VAT and responsible person etc. Downside is it’s very pricey so only good if you are the sole seller on a listing.

Awesome thanks, i would actually be able to file vat in EU and have a person for Customs - dont suppose you might be able to point me to where to look for these vids?

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On Amazon help, search selling pan EU from UK