FBA fees

Hello everyone. Is it me only or amazon fba fees are insane, they take so much out of every single sale that I am left with no profit preety much. Did someone had the same problem?

Nope. I’ve never noticed that before. I remember I used to have my own website that was getting 20% of all sales in the UK and running a global distribution network and I used to do it all for free for other sellers who wanted to use the website.

I had to shut it down though as I didn’t have any money to pay staff !:man_facepalming:

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it’s not just you many sellers have experienced the same issue with Amazon FBA fees. They can be quite high, significantly impacting your profit margins on each sale. It’s essential to carefully calculate all costs, including storage, fulfillment, and referral fees, to ensure you can still make a profit after accounting for these expenses. Consider exploring alternative selling strategies or pricing adjustments to find a balance that works for your business.

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There was a year when I was doing FBA and I found my profits were less than 50% of what they were selling FBM. For now, I am sticking with FBM.

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Hi @Jacob12

Yes. The fees are outrageous. You can expect them to be a minimum of 35%. You need to be able to cover the cost with your pricing, or sell enough to make a profit

The Revenue Calculator is a preview tool that allows you to compare revenue estimates for products based on the fulfillment channel used.