FBA fees when there is nothing in FBA for months

I do not understand it. I have not had anything in FBA for months and I’m still being charged? Can someone please provide me with the email address where I can complain to, and email address it actually gets red and acted upon. IM perplexed.

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Open a case with Seller Support.

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It could be because you have some stranded items in FBA. I’ve been paying for stuffed animals for two years storage fees. First, they were under hazmat review. I submittied the necessary paperwork. Now they are simply stranded. I actually wanted these back.

Seller Support tells me that they really aren’r there, yet they keep adding more units, and more fees.

Feel free to come back and share your resolution,


Could you post a screenshot of your Statement view here?

To do so, when writing a post, simply click on the small image symbol (fourth from the left).

OK. Here it is.

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It appears like you have a positive balance, which means that you must have either sold something or been credited / reimbursed possibly for a return or missing inventory.

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