Failed disbursements

im aware that others have previously had problems with failed disbursements
my problem has now gone on for approximately three months regarding payments from IT and ES
all other marketplaces seem ok amazon have reset my bank details twice they first insisted i contact my bank
(e-payments manager ) and been provided with a new iban and bic number i have followed the instructions for inserting these while on the phone to amazon then waited three days (again) my funds have been succesfully transferred on a couple of occasions then at the next payment a message regarding a failed disbursment (contact support) now fed up!!
it appears that my only recourse is legal as i feel that i have exhausted all avenues i really cant afford to spend hours on the phone every month speaking to support and pleading for that to which i believe i am entitled
i would appreciate any help or wisdom that others may be able to impart

Same thing happening to me and now the problem seems to have extended to the German marketplace too.

I’ve commented in another thread about this. We have had disbursements failing in Italy & Spain since the beginning of July. We have had no funds out of these two marketplaces at all - that’s 4 months!!!

Seller support keep telling us to re-enter bank information, but it never works and we cannot go on with this runaround!

Last night after resetting all information - we still had no success and I’ve logged a case AGAIN for both marketplaces. I’ve said in the case I feel unless there is an escalated and focused effort to resolve this, it seems to be an all too common problem!!, then I feel we must bring this to the attention of the Financial Conduct Authority FCA and Financial Standards Agency FSA (we are in UK) for their advice, input and potential investigation. :frowning:

I’m also going to put a comment in every day against the case - because they are all too quick to close each case when it isn’t resolved, probably to meet their performance targets…

I really hate that they can close cases like this with no resolution,.
Its awful. But I think you can now cc MD and Jeff…

Yes, I’ve been copying in [email protected] I hope that’s the right one…

We’ve spoken with our bank and given them some of the transaction codes Amazon Spain gave us. The codes are starting codes and mean nothing to the bank. They have confirmed there is nothing bank-side that could be “causing a blockage” as Amazon put it. If the other 3 are working with all the same inputs - refreshed several times!, then the remaining two should and this indicates more strongly it is a problem or action at Amazon IT and SE end!

We can’t go on without money coming through for over 6 months, so today, I’m considering closing all our listings with these two marketplaces, but anticipate they’ll keep taking any monthly fees off the balance for as long as we don’t have it disbursed to us :frowning:

I wondered if it was any specific bank more affected than any other - we are with TSB, anyone else the same or different??

We are experiencing the same problem, its been going on for a few months with IT and ES and with our last disbursement from DE. We bank with Barclays, so it doesn’t seem to be attributed to a specific bank.

thanks for all the replies
i have applied the holiday settings to my IT and ES listings
i will give it another couple of weeks and consider closing my account
im not going to keep giving stuff away.
its impossible to speak to anyone about it amazon closed the case that i had open
the following message recieved about from cs:

     " Hi this is raul from customer support your account was under review but i can confirm its finished today and you will recieve your disbursement in ten days so i am closing this case " 

I KID YOU NOT !!! so my account was under review (but only in italy and spain) and CS couldn’t mention this last month when they told me to contact my bank because of incorrect account details!!
well its still not working amazon i have tried to disburse today and it has failed you now owe me around £800 thanks for nothing.

Well! I am PLEASED to have found you all because I thought I was going mad. I actually lose the will to live every time I try and deal with the outstanding money Amazon owes us. All the while, unable to progress into our account, goods are still being advertised for sale … but we can’t process the orders. I am going to do as someone said above and go in to holiday mode - if I can get past the ‘update your bank details’ message.
I have two questions … do they shed any light?

1 I am using a Visa Debit card … don’t have a business credit card (nor a personal one actually)

2 Is this causing the payment problem in the UK?

Earlier this year, or was it last year, selling regulations changed, although I don’t remember the details except that I decided to sell on the .uk site only, not .de and .fr. I never sold on .it or .es because of the banking issues. Are these changes linked to our problems getting paid/bank account details recgonised?

Hope to have any clarification from anyone. I am so happy to know that it probably isn’t my doing!