Facing some issue while contacting amazon through Email

My amazon Seller account has been deactivated due to linked with my previous account and my previous account is deactivated in verification and i made a second account without resolving the previous one because of not fully aware of amazon policies. so when i try to login to my first account to complete the verification process so it says there is not any seller account on this email, but when i check my gmail that is associated with this account so there i see that amazon sent me email regarding selling on amazon and deactivation, and when i email to ama,on regarding this issue there it says that ( this is not the gmail that is associated with the seller central) but I’m sure that that’s the email. so how to resolve this issue.
Need assistance. @Kika @Robert_Capla

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Hello @zohaib,

unfortunately, opening additional accounts after getting suspended was the worst mistake you could have made.

The Amazon Policy regarding Prohibited Seller Activities clearly states that operating multiple seller accounts without a prior permission from the Seller Performance is prohibited.

Now, since you are unable to access the related account, I would recommend you to request a callback from the Account Health Team and ask them what you can do.

You will need to prepare a Plan of Action where you will address the situation.