Extra long production time

Has anyone here had to deal with extremely long production times from their supplier?

I’m getting my first order for my first product and it is 7 components in a set and I ordered 500 sets. They originally quoted me 45-60 days but we are going on 90 days now and as per the last communication it was supposed to be shipped Aug 10 and it still hasn’t shipped.

I’m discouraged and concerned about what will happen when I place a larger reorder in the future.

Is this normal or just a bad supplier?

Hello @evielyn,

when ordering from China, the production times estimates typically range several months as the manufacturer often has to create a mold just for you and source all materials. Afterwards, when you make repeated purchases of the same items, they should be finished quickly as everything will be already arranged.

Also, it is recommended that you firstly obtain samples prior to making a large order.