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Hello everyone!! I wanted to happily introduce my lead team member of our Tarrant Toolbox listing service department. He is truly an expert with countless of hours in experience with all things related to listings. That, of course, is not all @tt_listing_expert knows about Amazon, but it is his area of expertise for sure. When he has time away from working with clients, he has agreed to try to answer as much as he can on Seller-Forum. Here are a few experts I have ran into so far, so ya know :wink: @Kika @skeeter @masud530 @FunkyMonkey

Here’s to helping as many sellers as we can!! :raised_hands: :clap:


Hello @tt_listing_expert,

nice to see you on the forum! I will definitely tag you under any questions that are related to listing management. Feel free to offer your expertise and any services you provide.

Thank you @TarrantToolbox for sharing!


You’re very welcome!! Love to help where I can!!


Hello @Kika,

I will try my best to give the best possible solutions from my experience and knowledge.


Welcome :grin:

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