Exclude products from catalog-wide Brand Tailored Promotions

Announcement reposted from Amazon Japan:

The new ASIN Exclusion feature in Brand Tailored Promotions enables you to exclude up to 100 parent ASINs from a catalog-wide promotion for greater control over your sales strategies.

ASINs can’t be retroactively excluded from promotions that are “running” or “scheduled.”

To exclude ASINs from a promotion, do the following:

  1. Select the brand you want to promote and the audience you want to engage.
  2. At the product selection step, you can either choose Add all products to select your entire brand catalog or Exclude specific products to exclude up to 100 ASINs. Enter a parent ASIN to exclude all related child ASINs from the promotion. You can also exclude individual child ASINs.
  3. Enter any other promotion details and submit the promotion.

For more information on how to use this new feature, go to Brand Tailored Promotions.