Exact match & broad match confusion

Hi there,

I have found a highly generating keyword on my broad search term report, I have paused it on my broad campaign and made it active on my exact match campaign, is there any crossover here i.e. will my product not show for the keyword since it is paused on broad.


You’ve taken a smart step by identifying a high-performing keyword from your broad search term report and moving it to your exact match campaign. This strategy can help you focus your budget on the most relevant and successful keywords. As for your question about crossover:

When you pause a keyword in your broad campaign and make it active in your exact match campaign, there isn’t a direct crossover concern. Here’s why:

  1. Keyword Match Types: The different match types (broad, phrase, exact) work independently of each other. Pausing a keyword in your broad campaign won’t affect its eligibility to show in your exact match campaign.
  2. Campaign Isolation: Campaigns are separated by their match types, and keywords within each campaign compete against each other. The fact that a keyword is paused in your broad campaign doesn’t impact its ability to show in your exact match campaign.
  3. Exact Match Precision: Since you’ve moved the keyword to your exact match campaign, it will now be triggered only when a search query closely matches that keyword. This precision reduces the likelihood of irrelevant clicks compared to a broad match, where the keyword might trigger for a wider range of related searches.
  4. Negative Keywords: If you have overlapping keywords in your campaigns (both broad and exact), consider using negative keywords in your broad campaign to prevent the broad match keywords from competing with your exact match campaigns. This can help further isolate your keyword targeting.

By isolating high-performing keywords into an exact match campaign, you’re enhancing your control over when your product is shown for that specific keyword. Remember that campaign structure and optimization are crucial for effective Amazon advertising. Regularly monitor your campaigns, adjust bids, add negative keywords as needed, and analyze performance to ensure you’re maximizing your ad spend and achieving your goals.

Keep up the good work in refining your campaigns, and best of luck with your advertising efforts!

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