European Fulfillment Network

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I don’t know how it happened but accidentally i enrolled to European Fulfilment Network. I have sent my first shipment to Poland FBA and i am interested to sell in European countries.

The cost for European Fulfilment Network is very high, while the Pan-European FBA is much more affordable. If i make a sale in Poland will the fees be based on European Fulfilment Network? or a sale in Italy or Spain? Does European Fulfilment Network refers to sales in UK only? Moreover i try to unenroll from it but they system says that i am not enrolled. So confusing…

Your help would be much appreciated.


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From Amazon’s help page:

The key difference between Amazon EFN (European Fulfillment Network) and PAN-EU FBA (Pan-European Fulfillment by Amazon) lies in handling inventory and fulfillment.

Inventory Placement: With Amazon EFN, sellers can store their inventory in a single European country of their choice, typically their home marketplace. The inventory is then made available for sale across all eligible European marketplaces.

In contrast, PAN-EU FBA requires sellers to send their inventory to multiple Amazon fulfillment centers across Europe, and Amazon automatically distributes the inventory to the most suitable fulfillment center based on demand and customer location.

It makes sense for the costs to be higher, since your inventory is stored in a single country and distributed across Europe.

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If you sent your first shipment to Poland FBA, your fees should be based on the European Fulfilment Network. This network covers multiple European countries, not just the UK. Although the system says you’re not enrolled, double-check with Amazon support to ensure accurate information and seek assistance with unenrollment if needed.

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