EU Responsible Person handling in FR and DE

Hey guys!

Does anyone here sell in France? There is a requirement for the last 2 years to register for an EU Responsible Person in FR and DE.

The cost in FR has just doubled, and I’m just wondering if I am just with a company - Leko? In Germany I pay €40/year and now in france they want me to pay €150/year, its not a lot but I’m not getting anything from this, I’m paying this as a “penalty” for shipping products to France which are wrapped in a cover which has to be recycled - same as any country.

It all just seems bizarre.

Yes I sell in France and don’t pay anything at all! Am I missing something?

Selling in France requires registering for an EU Responsible Person, and the costs seem to vary. It’s a regulatory requirement, and you might want to explore if there are alternatives or exemptions to minimize expenses. Have you found any information on this matter from other sellers or authorities?