Etsy account suspension


Hi Kika, I have recently been suspended on Etsy due to an IP claim, can you please help me appeal this? Thank you

Hello @opprensilver,

thank you for joining the forum. I am sorry to hear that your Etsy Seller Account has been deactivated due to Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Complaints.

Could you please provide more information about the items which you were selling, where were they sourced, why do you think they attracted Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Complaint s and how many of such complaints have you received?


Items sourced from China, I thought it was ok as there are 10000s similar listings on Etsy, now I have looked back there have been 3-4 IP complaints. Is this possible to appeal? And do you have any templates I could use to appeal? I wouldn’t do this again and would use different strategy if I gained another opportunity. Thanks @Kika

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From what I know, there are sellers who received dozens of Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Complaints and never had their Etsy Seller Accounts negatively impacted in any way.

Unlike Amazon, when Etsy makes their decisions, they take into consideration your whole account. Etsy prohibits the sale of factory made products and they are strictly verifying whether you created them.

If all the items in your Etsy store appeared to be factory made trinkets, then Etsy won’t give it a second thought.

Could you post here are screenshots of your listings that attracted the Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Complaints?

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As @Kika says, Etsy is very strict when it comes to factory made stuff. It is nearly impossible to appeal once you were caught selling these items.

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