Estimated sale price of my selling account

Hi everyone,

What’s the value of a Amazon seller account opened 3 years ago if looking to buy/ sell?

The account has 300 positive reviews and great account health.

Thank you all

It’s worth whatever someone may be willing to pay. Depending where you are located, some accounts are not easily transferred (eg limited company).

Being realistic, 300 feedback is not many. But someone may be interested for a small cost.


I think that you could get a good five figure, however are you sure that neither you nor any of your close family members will want to sell on Amazon in the future?

This is because you will get inseparably linked with the new account owner, triggering related accounts suspensions in case anything goes wrong for them.


Yes, does seem like good figure.

Is it possible to change the user name, I made the mistake of using our company name. Our feedback rating is in the 5 digits on amazon so its worth a fairly large amount.


I understand your point, but we are leaving Amazon to focus on our own website and TikTok business account

You can change the display name of your Amazon store

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Not a problem if you sell the company along with your account

That is what I am trying to avoid, I would like to split them apart. Back in the day when that was done we assumed amazon was out to help us grow our company. Years later it turns out they are out to destroy small companies so now I regret making that decision.


It would depend on your turnover and profit, and also the sector you sell in. Some sectors/industries are valued higher than others.

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To clarify, it’s just the amazon account, not the products