Error 8572 when listing a product on Amazon


can someone help me. I have a private label product which I put my logo on. It’s made out of cardstock paper. I purchased a gs1 GTIN UPC code for my product. But I cannot list it on Amazon. I continuously get error 8572. I have about 11 amazon cases to no resolve. They keep asking for certificates, letter of attestations etc. I have provided it all, however they keep rejecting it or copy pasting the same requests over and over again.

I’m not sure what to do I cannot even list my product. Can anyone here help with listing my product for first time?

I had also this same Error 8572. The most common reason for this error is that the UPC is not identified as Valid. This can be due to the UPC from GS1 being fairly new and that Amazon is waiting for updates from GS1 to validate the UPCs. The other reason the UPC could be identified as invalid is because the Brand information that you provided for your product to GS1 doesn’t match exactly what you are providing to Amazon as the Brand name.

Please review your GS1 information and get back to me if you have any news.

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List your product under GTIN exemption - it will be approved

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I can help you if you can share screenshot of error detail’s

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Do you have trademark and are you Brand registered? You can maybe list as generic for now, and list with gtin exemption.

Oh man. I tried this and it worked. So how can I get my brand name to show? I don’t have any trademarks though, since my product is seasonal I didn’t think it would be wise to get that.