Error 8572 when creating my listing

Hi all me again,

Amazon will not let us make the listing because it’s asking… see image
We are not the manufacturer and we are not brand registered yet.
Tried to upload thought excel sheet and normal way normally no issue with making listings on this account.

I’ve been having the exact same issue … been onto Amazon for days now back and forth . All I’m trying to do is add a product with one of my gs1 product id’s and I’m having this exact same error code

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That’s not good let me know if u know how to fix it.

Maybe @tt_listing_expert will be able to advise?

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I have faced the same issue and got permission to list by using a case. I have a screenshot where you can find how I opened and replied. It can help you to reply to your case.


Have you tried listing as generic? It may be a case of a new change whereby sellers need to be brand registered to even create an ASIN.

No. I haven’t tried but it can be an Amazon Intellectual Property rule violation.

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That’s great to hear. Thank you for sharing your experience.

I would suggest you to publish a help-guide addressing the creation of listings using GTIN barcodes into our Quick Tips category:

I see!!! Thank you for your help