Error 5995 when trying to list products

So I wanted to list a product that is not listed. I used the UPC for the brand (I am ungated) and can’t create a listing because of the same UPC #. I keep getting the code 5995. It only tells me that because I am not the brand owner, I can’t list it and therefore amazon can’t create ASIN # for it. I have to add it’s RA item and I listed many form the same brand. No, I can’t do a variation.

So it leads me to another issue I am having. I listed many items under the same brand (again, ungated, same brand as above) and amazon removed 2 of my listing requesting compliance document. It’s a toy but I have listed many of the same kind and only these 2 are being singled out.

Also what is a compliance document that I have to send them to let me list it? I feel lost as the emails don’t explain it at all. TIA

Where from you buy that UPC#? Just reduce number from the begging then you can may be list. ( I faced this issue and resolved with this tactics)

  1. For the listings requesting compliance documents:

Don’t worry about compliance document just simply Find out what specific documents Amazon is requesting they will explain it account health ( images is attached where you can find it). It might relate to product safety or authenticity or if you’re selling Baby or food products then it would be a Declaration of Conformity just checkout and read what they asked you.

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Thank you. When I go there it does not specify what compliance they are requesting. Is it brand? Safety? Where do I look for that?

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No, it is not Brand.

Use this at the end of your link. You’ll automatically move there.


Did you find it now? or not?

No. When I click on it, it just gives me the item and 2 options: submit documents (but it doesn’t specify what I need to submit) and the option to close the listing. I am in Canada.

Documents which the Amazon demanded in the first notification

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