ERROR 5886

Hello Everyone!!

Im having an issue trying to add my products to a Generic Listing…

What do you recommend me to do???



Hello @drMiracle

Amazon appears to be saying that you are trying to change a Catalog page that you didn’t create or modify.

If you were just trying to add your offer to the ASIN, they are telling you to create a new listing.

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Hello @drMiracle,

thank you for posting here. I agree with @FunkyMonkey and I would like to add that in this case, you can either sell this product while maintaining its existing attributes intact, or you can create a new ASIN.

Amazon started restricting sellers from making updates to generic ASINs to prevent brand owners from attempting to claim them under their brand and kick competing sellers off the listing, which used to be a popular practice.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to post here whenever you need help.

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