Error 5461 creating handmade products in my own brand?

Hi Guys

I have tried reaching out to amazon support who just give me generic replies back in how to fill in an exempt form for the above error code.

The above error is saying i can’t list my own handmade products under my own brand which i can confirm i am logged in as.

I find it totally confusing, the link they provide asks me to fill in a form showing barcodes etc of the product which is irrelevant.

Is there anyone on amazon via support or anyone else that knows how to get around this issue?

The service by Amazon support is genuinely awful.

Unfortunately this “glitch” isn’t new for me. Been going on for well beyond 2 weeks.

Every listing I try to create gives prompt:

5461: You may not create new ASINs for the brand: xxxxx

This requires – Submit documents

Real-world images of the product and packaging.

Document must meet the following requirements:

Include front and back of product (or packaging)

Include bar code on the product (or packaging)

(If applicable) Include product ID (UPC, EAN, etc.) on the product (or packaging)

Include brand name on product (or packaging)

Includes images of product packaged and unpackaged

(If apparel) Image of product unfolded

I’ve decided that since Amazon is making me have to go through hoops and take real world photos of the item, etc. I might as well list on eBay instead which I include real world photos of the item for listings.

It’s a shame since the brands/items I’m listing are brands that are already in my inventory and listed on Amazon.