Erreur ouverture compte

Hello, I am posting this message here because I sent it to amazon seller service and did not receive any confirmation. I hope they can see it and answer to me.
My daughter opened an individual seller account to sell her high school books. she received an email saying it is a professional account and Amazon charged her 47 $ which was not expected as the account was not supposed to be professional. The account is not activated yet as she couldn’t send an electrical or phone bill mentionning her name. Indeed, she is 18 and does not have any. She wanted to cancel but Unfortunately, She couldn’t contact amazonseller by phone and did not receive any answer to her e-mails. She wants to cancel this account as it is not activated yet and hopes not to be charged again and to be refunded?
What can we do?

Thanks a lot

I am sorry to hear this. From your post it sounds like you are talking about a Seller Account registered on the Amazon USA site with the Professional Selling Plan.

Amazon USA is now very strict when approving new sellers to sell on the site. So be prepared that the initial verification could take anything from a few weeks to months and Amazon may request your daughter to provide additional information.

If she was charged a monthly subscription fee, then it means that she signed up for the Professional Selling Plan, even if it was done by a mistake.

Here is a link which can be used to downgrade the account into Individual:

Regarding closing the store or requesting a refund of the previously charged monthly fees, this can be only done when the account is in a good status and not suspended.