Enroll products in programs on the Sustainability Solutions Hub

Announcement reposted from Amazon:

You can now explore resources on the Sustainability Solutions Hub and enrol your products in programs such as:

  • Climate Pledge Friendly, which partners with more than 50 credible and recognized sustainability certifiers to help customers discover more-sustainable products.
  • Ship in Product Packaging, to deliver products to customers without additional Amazon packaging.
  • Amazon Renewed, to sell high-quality refurbished, pre-owned and open-box products to millions of Amazon customers worldwide.

The hub can help you create more sustainable products and solutions for customers, including:

  • Reporting dashboards that show business performance data for products enrolled or recommended for enrolment in our programs.
  • A curated list of sustainability-related partners in the Amazon Service Provider Network, who can help you to design and certify more-sustainable products and packaging.

To explore more resources, go to Sustainability Solutions Hub.