Enhance product listings with new Reduce Customer Returns recommendation

Announcement reposted from Amazon USA:

We’ve launched a new recommendation in the Growth Opportunities tool to help you reduce returns and improve the customer experience.

The Reduce Customer Returns recommendation uses data such as return comments, customer questions, and reviews to offer the following insights:

  • Financial impact: View the estimated amount in dollars that you could’ve gained over 90 days if you’d taken a recommended action to improve a product detail page.
  • Detail page recommendations: Improve your product detail page with content recommendations based on what customers look for.
  • Customer issue trends: Tailor your detail page content based on the number of customer questions and answers on a topic in your product category.
  • Listing comparisons: Compare your listings with top-selling brands that have similar information in their detail pages.
  • Ideal location: Find out whether placing content in the title, bullets, or product description of your detail pages will have the greatest impression on customers.

To view your recommendation, go to Reduce Customer Returns (available to sellers with access to the Growth Opportunities tool).