Endless units and storage fees

I have a SKU that I’m trying to pull out of inventory because it’s incurring storage fees. I had 6 units in the warehouse and recalled all of them. They sent me 8 units. Then the inventory still showed there were units remaining in the warehouse. I recalled them again assuming they would see the issue, cancel the recall and set the units to zero. They sent me more units. I’m up to 11 units received, when I only had 6 in the warehouse to begin with. I’ve closed the listing multiple times, made multiple recalls, received almost 2x my original unit count back, and they still show inventory in the warehouse and are still charging me storage fees. Seller support continues to tell me there is no issue and won’t help me. But I want to stop paying storage fees and I don’t want them to send me anymore units. It’s a higher dollar item too… I can’t believe they keep sending them to me and don’t seem to care.

Don’t worry about the storage fees. From your post, it sounds like you don’t have so many units that it would significantly impact you either financially or from the point of storage capacity.

When removing any units from FBA, you need to keep in mind that new units may be still popping up due to customer returns, found missing inventory etc…