EKM Powershop issue

Hello, Does anybody use EKM powershop and use amazon payments on their own website.
Today I have been accepted fully to use Amazon payments and raring to go.
The thing is, when I put my merchant i’d in EKM and all the other codes it doesn’t show the button.
When I take the merchant i’d out and put the Merchant TOKEN in, it brings the button to pay through amazon payments but comes up with an error and doesn’t work.

I’ve spoken to Amazon customer service today and they have passed my details over to a specialist, but in the meantime, I just wondered if anybody else has come across any problems

Thank you

We do & it works fine. The EKM help guys are usually pretty good if you are having trouble.

Have you got it in sandbox or live mode?

I will let you know how I go on with Amazon customer service tomorrow.
Hope it’s something and nothing.
Thanks for your replies.

Under a year ago & pretty sure it’s not changed since. Just those 3 bits of info as far as I remember. sorry not much help!

it’s in live mode. The weird thing is, if I put my merchant token in where it actually says merchant i’d, the button appears in checkout but won’t work. It comes up with error.
Amazon and EKM say it should be the merchant i.d I enter which I did also. It doesn’t show the amazon payments button then, so I am confused and so are they. EKM couldn’t help me as they said that’s all that needs to be done and I’ve done it.

Did you install yours a long time ago under Amazon checkout as I believe things have changed if I am correct and they just say Amazon payments now.

What else did you have to do besides putting the merchant i.d in and the access and secret key?
I’ve done all that.

Apparently Amazon had put a different checkout button on my settings as there are two different ones or was called something different a while back, anyway it’s all sorted now.
Thanks for trying to help me though