EFN listing and ‘Transparency’

hello, I have a query concerning enabling EFN & the ‘Transparency’ program.

If we were to enable EFN for an ASIN, and that ASIN is enrolled in the Transparency program, would this prevent an unauthorised seller from adding themselves to the EFN listing?

In the UK, for an ASIN enrolled in Transparency, no seller who does not have the correct Transparency code shoould be able to add themselves to the UK listing (as they are not proving they are selling the genuine article). Would this also apply to the EFN listing for the ASIN though? i.e. anybody trying to add themselves to the EFN listing on .de. .fr etc. will still need to provide a Transparency code to get themselves added?

Yes, you are correct. No one else will be able to list your products unless they have Transparency codes.

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