Ebay question

Afternoon guys.

I have an ebay question i would love some help with as its causing quite a bit of frustration. I have an item which has sold for 32.99, there was the standard fee of 6.29 then the add fee of 4.25 which = 22.45 net proceeds. When i see the payout it says 18.95. This obviously does not add up and on closer inspection it seems i have been charged insertion fees from this payout for other listings and this has came out of the balance.

The insertion fee is not the problem its the fact it has been taken out of the payout net proceeds of a sale. This is a bit annoying as it messes up the sales data. I have spoke to ebay but they just say its just how ebay do things.

Is there a way i can stop these unrelated insertion fees coming out of the net proceeds of sales and having them bundled together? if not how do you record the sales and the actual profit your making if its all mixed up like this?


Consider using accounting software or spreadsheets to manage your eBay transactions. You can create separate categories for fees and sales, allowing you to easily track your income and expenses. This will help you maintain clarity in your financial records.