Dropshipping policy violation appeal

My amazon USA account deactivated (its FBM service deactivated on 29th May) due to drop shipping policy violation, but i don’t do drop shipping, only self-ship i do, but still amazon says i violated drop shipping,

It’s started on risk of deactivation on 26th May and given me time for 72 hours for appeal, in these 72 hours I taught to AHS team multiple times and told them I never used drop shipping, but they didn’t convenience and on 29th they deactivated FBM service.

On submit appeal page they are giving option to choose as in this image. My problem is that I still couldn’t identify where I did violate this drop shipping policy and until identify the issue, how to make plan of action and if I make any POA and submit it in the field given that is (explanation what was the issue faced), it says “You have exceeded the maximum character limit.”

I am sorry to hear that your Seller Account has been deactivated due to alleged violations of dropshipping policies.

It appears like all you need to do is tick some boxes in order to get reinstated. May I ask how did you fulfill your orders if you weren’t dropshipping? Do you have valid tracking numbers? Where are you based and where are you shipping from?

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