Does seller support have any numbers to actually speak with someone?

I am having an issue with creating my listings and it is so frustrating because I am sending these emails and the follow ups are so unclear.

Post your issues along with some screen shots and the community will be able to help. I don’t list on amazon anymore so what I would know is more than likely stale.


If you are unable to request a callback from Amazon Seller Support, then you need to upgrade your Seller Plan into Professional. Individual Sellers cannot contact Amazon by phone.

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Normally I would say that is true, however, I am an individual seller. There have been times that I have opened a case and received an almost immediate callback. It can happen. Just make sure that your account contact information is up-tp-date.


I suggest opening a case through Seller Central. In the case, you can request a call with Amazon Seller Support to discuss your concerns in detail.

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