Does organic position have anything to do with PPC bids?

My product was selling amazingly well during the holidays. I then run out of stock for a month but then when it came back in stock for the first 1-2 weeks it was actually selling decently. Suddenly a lot of my organic ranking just disappeared beyond position 306 and sales have died.

Could it be because I reduced many of my keyword bids to only 25c? I don’t understand if there is correlation with organic position and ppc bids.

Is there any correlation or is it just coincidence?

Definitely, PPC can impact your organic ranking. But to check that, you have to compare last week’s data with the current data. You can check your Brand Analytics or organic/PPC rankings in Helium 10.

Another reason could be out-of-stock period, which may kill all your sales rank in a competitive niche, from your description, this could be the main thing in your case.

Yes, there is correlation