Does closed listing status affect removal order?

Hi everyone!

I need your help…. Amazon sent me an email of a restricted item that I need to remove asap.

My question is after creating the removal order Can I go ahead and close the listing?

The reason I’m asking is because they’re are giving me 48hrs to do it but I’m not sure if I can do this while the removal order is in process. I don’t want to have issues with the removal order because the list has been close.

When is a good time to delete it ?

Please advice.

Do EXACTLY as amazon states.

You were not clear on the why it was deemed restricted, that could mean you will not get it back or you might get it back.

You are not in a position to play games or ask what to do unless the product you have in FBA is a trivial amount. They don’t have to return your goods…


It is recommended that you wait for all of your units to be removed from FBA prior to deleting the listing. A “removed” listing is already removed, so it makes no difference whether your completely delete it or leave it listed in such state.

If I were you, I would delete it as soon as possible

It’s generally safer to close the listing after creating the removal order, but it’s a good practice to wait until the removal process is complete to avoid any potential issues. Once the removal order is processed, you can go ahead and delete the listing.

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