Does anyone use shopify with 3pl and would you recommend it?

Pros and cons when doing Amazon FBA?

So far, for me, Amazon is number one, which of course comes with lots of challenges but also with many advantages (biggest traffic, tools, a lot of free knowledge to learn how to scale up, communities, etc.). Shopify might be a bit more secure, but you have to work harder to get it going. I will start my own Shopify store (I hope this year) and see how it goes.

It’s far better. Amazon is mad these days.

Shopify requires a lot of money and technique to actually grow it, Amazon gives everything on the plate, of course it has its own negatives, but when balancing things I would definitely stay on Amazon.

Lots of pros and cons to both however my overall opinion and experience is:

Your future 2028 self will be grateful you started your own site (Shopify) in 2024. 💡

Everything takes time but organically your own site will take a while (years).

Like investing, the earlier you start, the better you are later.

This doesn’t mean Amazon shouldn’t be a focus 🙏🏽 but I like planting seeds that grow overtime and your own site is one of them. Fully in your control. It’s your land. You are the landlord. Customer details are yours for repeat marketing and relationship building. This also helps your Amazon FBA business when working with suppliers 💡

With a 3PL. You can focus on traffic, optimisation, and conversion. This saves time, space allowing 3PL to fulfil orders. We help a lot of partners fulfil direct to customers. ☺️

Just thought I’d share a traffic shot overtime on our Shopify site - this is not paid ads, organically growing overtime. Launched within Covid when Amazon restricted 🚫 goods to essentials only. We won’t stop watering the seed 🌱 I wish I started in 2015 but you can change the past, just recommend to others 🙌🏽

Hope this helps


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I am thinking about starting a Shopify store and have joelister fulfill the orders through Amazon MCF.

The main problem is getting the traffic.