Does anyone use shopify for selling and would you recommend it?


Yes, I know quite a few people who are selling very well on Shopify. They are selling well known brands. Basically, they are doing the same business model they do on Amazon. Buying from wholesalers and selling on Shopify. It does take time to bring traffic to your Shopify store, but once it becomes known, you get reviews, and people start trusting your store, it can turn into a nice business. What is your intention? To sell other people’s brands or own brand?


Shopify is a fantastic platform for starting and building your website. There are of course pros and cons, which you will need to weigh up, but Shopify will enable you to have your own customer base, rather than that of Amazon’s. On the flip side, Amazon has millions of daily users, whereas a new Shopify store will have to work hard for even a fraction of a percentage of Amazon’s traffic.

All that being said, we always advocate to attempt to create your own customer database and retain some form of control that Amazon cannot give you. Make sure you are knowledgeable on Google Ads, social media campaigns, etc before diving into the own-site world.


I am starting one on it now. Originally I went with a broad approach and tried selling anything and everything. People were coming to the site but not buying. Shopify gives you a decent runway to try it out and limit costs with using them. Their support system is light years ahead of that of amazon I will say that much. We are looking to relaunch with Shopify but as a automotive only store. Good luck though.


Don’t reccomend Shopify for beginnners but if you’re going to do it, spend more time using influencers and ads.

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Thanks everyone. I am doing OA and RA. I was wondering, would there be better profit margin, just wondering in general if its worth it, just incase anything ever goes wrong with amazon I would like to have a backup.

It is a very different game than on Amazon, and a lot of your decision making will have to be deduced from different sources. For example, you won’t have the Amazon BSR rankings. In essence, own website success does not rely wholly on pure data, as OA/RA on Amazon does, but instead a deeper market insight and customer emotional intelligence.

All that being said, profit margins can be higher on own stores, but you may have to spend more on advertising to get traffic in. This is not an exhaustive list of differences, and our advice is simply that, rather than a guarantee of results either way.

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