Does anyone use a VA to go through spreadsheets of wholesalers to find deals?

I have been doing it myself using scan unlimited but it’s still too time consuming for me.

Could anyone point me in the right direction, ive never used a VA before.


Even with the use of Scan Unlimited, manual checking is still being done to verify and analyze the listing. Indeed it is time consuming. A VA can certainly take care of the task for vou.

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Manual method is recommended for analyzing spreadsheets either by you or VA

Manual method is good.

VA will help you in getting new wholesalers accounts.

Hi, dear hope you are fine.

We can provide data analysis from sheet or A-Z account management.

How much is your budget.

Do you have any approvals sheet.

I am an Amazon FBA Consultant.

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We are already dealing with multiple client accounts in different marketplaces.

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