Does anyone on here use link my books?

Any experiences to share?

Yep I switched from A2X to import into Xero.

Yeah i use it

I’ve used it for about 3 years. It’s great and saves alot of time. But I’m not generating anywhere near the sales as 3 years ago and the fees have shot up so much. I’m paying £58 a month now, so thinking of ending my subscription. Support is really lacking, after sending message, it can take days for them to reply and not at all helpful.

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You can reduce your plan

You can shoot an email and they will help you get started if you like:

[email protected]

I only have 1 sales channel, their website states $17 per month. Why am I paying £58.80 when the premium subscription is only $56?

It might seem high for software cost but it’s considerably cheaper than having your accountant attempt to reconcile your Amazon balances at year end, or getting your VAT wrong.

Speak to them??.. Their pricing depends on how many orders per month you do.