Does anyone know more about this?

We have been using DDP with our Freight Forwarder and not using our EORI or VAT to enter goods for Amazon UK. Now the Freight Agent says that they cant provide the IEN. Is it OK for now to not provide these numbers or will it be a problem pretty soon?

It is recommended to use DDU (DAP) or VAT deferral for future shipments and use your own VAT and EORI for customs clearance and tax payment so that you can get your EIN

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Yeah but what happens if we don’t? There is still an option from the drop-down to say we don’t have the IENs.

I genuinely think the days of DDP for Amazon sellers will be behind us soon. The reality is with ddp often goods aren’t actually legally declared and instead smuggled into the UK market.

This will benefit legitimate sellers, even if it adds some complexity early on