Does anyone know if it’ll be an issue to upload a product to an existing listing , when the item shows as 275in and ours says 300in?

Can I just edit the listing?

It may be an issue to upload a product with different dimensions to an existing listing. You should not edit the listing, but create a new one with the correct dimensions to avoid potential problems.


Even if you are the one that created this listing, it’s against Amazon’s Policies for editing detail pages.

You might, though, consider adding a variation.


Sure, you can edit the listing on most platforms by accessing your account and locating the listing in your dashboard. Look for an “Edit” or “Update” option to make changes.


When it comes to uploading a product to an existing listing, it’s important to ensure that the product details match the listing accurately. If your item’s dimensions differ from what is listed, it’s generally not recommended to edit the listing to match your product.

In this case, if the existing listing shows the item as 275in and your product is actually 300in, it’s best to create a new listing for your product with the correct dimensions.