Does anyone know any good Amazon IP specialist lawyers who deals with trademark/infringement?

Please list it below, I am in need of one and one which has a good reputatation and/or you have used before if possible.

You can get these services from Amazon recommended persons in seller central, in seller central there one option is “IP accelerator” you can hire any expert from there for trademark, brand registry.

Hello @fristyle,

thank you for posting. I am often having people ask me for lawyer recommendations. The answer is that any IP / intellectual property attorney should be able to do the job. It would be the best to get one who is local to your market where you are selling.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to post here whenever you need help.


Sorry you’re dealing with this. This link here is for the most successful Amazon specific attorney I know of. I’ve seen him help with some crazy issues. Never used him but he is very well known.

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