Does anyone know a quick way or a tool that can do an account rec for revenue vs disbursements?

Hi all,

trying to see if amazon has paid all the funds from sales, only received about 25% of this months sales amount and account reserve doesn’t match the difference.

There could be invoiced orders. If you have a new account, you are not going to get 100% of your sales.

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Amazon recently stopped payment on shipped items. Now we receive Payments based on delivery date, which is a real “bummer.”


Oh, thank you. I did not notice the change …

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They really didn’t spend a lot of time advertising it. :O(

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Are you serious? So you used to have the regular disbursements schedule and they forced you into Payments based on delivery date? They have been already threatening with this in Europe, however they backtracked after protests from sellers.

In the US, I am still able to disburse as soon as I confirm sales as shipped.


Yes. They announced this in November, 2023. Just another plan they devised to use our money to their benefit. Surprise, surprise.

I was never able to request disbursement. They transfer funds every two weeks, unless they don’t update the ACH data. That means they are holding onto your funds for as long as they can get away with it.


Where did they announce it? Do you have a copy of the e-mail or a link?

Amazon isn’t holding my funds at all. Perhaps it is account specific.


That must be since you are located outside of the USA.


Yup. Guess it was announced without fanfare. Payments based on delivery date. It’s actually worse. It’s the delivery date + 7 days!

Here’s the AI text:

Amazon’s delivery date-based reserve policy states that funds will only be available according to the order’s delivery date plus seven days. This means that most sellers will wait 10 days to get paid.

Navigating Amazon’s Delivery Date Based Reserve Policy

Amazon has said this policy change “will only defer the availability of your funds according to the delivery date of the order plus seven days”. This means that most sellers will wait 10 days to get paid (1-3 days for delivery, 7 days for payment) but it could be even longer. First, the reserve policy isn’t improving.

For example, if an item is shipped on January 1st and the actual delivery date is January 4th, then the sales proceeds will be available for disbursement starting on January 19th.

Amazon’s payment terms state that Professional Sellers are paid every two weeks for orders delivered at least 7 days from the latest estimated delivery date. Each payment includes 14 days of orders (minus Amazon’s fees) that were delivered at least 7 days ago.

I can’t believe they wouldn’t do this for everybody.


They are going broke.

Every thing done is a red herring, what ever they say just back track it and the true narrative unfolds.

Keep in mind they have been recruiting the “A” list students from grad schools. Very well educated and most certainly can articulate a message, that also includes being a stone faced liar…


They should be based on the way they are “gobbling” up companies. I didn’t realize that they bought MGM.