Does anyone have any advice on how to grow sales on a PL item such as this?

UK seller here, I have my own PL brand which I’m currently trademarking (estimated completion mid April) and once the trademark is registered, then begins the task of asking Amazon to change from Generic to my brand.

How do I take it to the next step and achieve 200+ sales pm?

I don’t have experience with PL, but I guess it all depends on how good the product is and how well you promote it/push it to the public. I know this is a very vague answer, but I’ll let others who are truly knowledgeable give clear solutions.
But if I were you (maybe you’re already doing this), I would push it through TikTok. It seems to me that you can even sell animal sh*t on TikTok as long as you have a short, good video to promote it.


From all my years of PL experience I can tell you one certain thing: you will have an issue with PPC and the cashflow AT LEAST. You havea very low margin and ROI for nowadays Amazon expenses.


You can bring those huge sales via PPC and off amazon advertising.


You may be investing a low budget on PPC, or your product may not be ranked for main keywords. First of all, do competitor analysis. Compare your listing images with your top competitors and check their prices too. Check if the top-of-search main keywords are included in the product title and bullet points. Focus on PPC, especially on broad campaigns, because broad keyword bids are usually lower compared to exact and phrase matches. However, negate irrelevant and negative keywords from your listing after 3-4 days. Exact campaigns will consume a higher budget, but they will help in ranking, so at least the top-of-search 10 keywords should be included in your exact campaign. Run substitute campaigns as well. Definitely, after brand registration, your sales will increase by 15%. Finally, if your product selling price is low, in the end, you may not get a profit, and PPC will eat into profits.


Hi, @Singhi, what do you consider healthy for these days? I am vat registered which doesn’t help obviously but my supplier is so firm on price unless I buy in much bigger quantities.

You can do SEO & PPC.

At which platform you registered your platform if you are working at USA marketplace?

It depends. There is no fixed amount. Depends on how competitive the niche is, what your average CPC is, what conversion you have, what price the niche has in general, are there black hat sellers or not, are you the one educating the niche or not, is your product really better or just a “me too” and so on. But just to give you an estimate, you have the margin and the ROI of the wholesale sellers. OA is even better. And they do not have to do advertising. You do. You also have to keep enough inventory and that means that at the same margins and OA seller will make at least 6-7 cashflow turns per year while you will do at best 4. After advertising you will need more than 1 year to double your money…if you manage through some miracle to make it profitable after PPC.

Take the average CPC of 50 cents usually and conversion rates of 10% (depending on niche can be better but also worst, considering you are new to the market, lack selling history, reviews etc.). You will need 10 clicks for every sale. 0.5 USD*10 clicks=5 USD per PPC sale. That means you need a maximum of 33.3% PPC to organic sales ratio to be at break even. You tell me if that is sustainable nowadays. I would say…no, unfortunately.

Yet to try and help you, I want to understand if first of all at the moment you are being profitable. If so, what is your profit per unit. What have you done to be on an upper trend until January and why now you are on a down trend? What have you tried until now? Have you ran PPC? If yes, what are your costs for that?

There are a lot of variables to answer to before even being able to give a generic answer to “how do I take it to the next step?”